"While I am painting, life speaks to me.
And I express it."

Christel Nathalie Bont Vargas

French, born in Ardèche, painter.

In a world where words are increasingly losing their value, and in a society that is shaped by the tension between female and male energy, I am painting to express and understand who I am and what we are.

In acrylic: I use gauzes and cotton swabs (like I did it to heal myself after an emergency surgery) to edit and transform lines, colors and surfaces without any concrete vision, until recognisable contents form themselves: sometimes direct and shocking, but often with subliminal, pictorial messages that touch, irritate or stir me up, and help me to understand what they are trying to tell me.

In charcoal: In a certain way, it is my hand that chooses te subject. Searching for some sort of a current inner truth, I am sketching eyes or lines of a body – until I feel and recognize what I am looking for. Then I study, contemplate and explore my already completed drawings and if I feel strongly attracted to certain details, I integrate them into my new drawing by transforming and "updating" their expression.

In exchange with my partner, I optimize the aspects that we would like to emphasize.

"The truth of life expresses itself in the movement of the moment.
But how can we grasp it?

Bruno Anjou Bont

Swiss, born in Zürich, conceptualist.

Shaped by my engagements and my experiences in the fields of awareness, communication and human dynamics, I mainly take care of the conceptual aspects of BONT VARGAS.

In a certain way, I structure the artistic work: I reflect on the content and its visual expression, with the aim of finding approaches that are as coherent, touching or pointed as possible.